“In the Footsteps of Anna Kahan” – a historical tour of Siedlce
What did Siedlce look like hundred years ago? What was life here like? Where did people go shopping, and where did they go for a Sunday stroll or in the evenings? What was school like and what kind of opportunities did young people who lived here have? These are just a few questions that could be asked regarding life in Siedlce hundred years ago. We invite you to the tour, where you will be able to see the city from the perspective of a fourteen year old girl, Anna Kahan.
The project is another undertaking to commemorate this extraordinary resident of Siedlce. The first challenge taken on by the association tutajteraz was to publish the book The Diary of Anna Kahan. Siedlce, Poland, 1914-1916.
Text of the tour: Sławomir Kordaczuk (the Regional Museum in Siedlce)
Editing and proofreading: Artur Ziontek
Narrators: Jerzy Pugacz and Agnieszka Janiszewska and guests: Sławomir Kordaczuk and Danuta Michalec
English translation: Anna Glinka
English narrators: Ben and Sarah Layer
Photographs by courtesy of the Regional Museum in Siedlce, The Public Library, Rhoda Newman family photographs, and Adam Krzeski
Project implementation and promotion in cooperation with the Regional Museum in Siedlce
This project was co-funded by the Museum of Polish History in Warsaw under the “Patriotism of Tomorrow” programme.