1. The Municipal building

[A Tour of Siedlce]

Following in the footsteps of teen Anna Kahan, let us go back to the years of the second decade of the twentieth century. During our walk, we will learn about the multiculturalism of the city at a time when Jews, Roman Catholics, and Orthodox lived together. The young author of this diary will tell us not only about the problems of her community, family dilemmas, and her own struggles, but also about the joys of everyday life. We will get to know her home, the path that she walked with her friends, and popular places of intellectual entertainment.

Anna will take us around the city, show us the topography and several important buildings. We will recall their history and the complicated fate of the people associated with them. During our tour, the author will also tell us about the dramatic events of the First World War, fear, uncertainty, and her care of her family.

Siedlce, today a city of nearly eighty thousand inhabitants, will gain an experienced tour guide – perceptive and emphatic – thanks to its pre-war figure. For Anna, some facts and stories were evident; however, after nearly a century of separation from the records, most of them have faded away or have been forgotten. Therefore, our task is only to complete the story with a few historical details. Sometimes the information is repeated as it appears in different contexts, sometimes extensive and at other times more subdued. We hope that this will make the tour more interesting. We invite you Anna Kahan’s tour of Siedlce…

1. The Municipal building
Powrót do strony głównej